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We have seen first hand the struggle that businesses face while selecting their technology partners for video. Amongst the plethora of analyst reports, it is easy to get lost in the choices available. The video technology space is exploding with several vendors in the video value chain.

  • Our expert team has evaluated and worked with some of the best tech companies that exist in the video business. Basis this experience and expertise, we will offer an end to end technology solution that fits the customer budget and requirements.
  • Vendor selection, pricing negotiations and project management are all included so that you get the right solution backed by the right team.
  • The list of vendors that can make up a video solution include but is not limited to an online video platform (OVP), marketing automation platform (MAP), content delivery network (CDN) Providers Ad Tech partner, customer relationship management (CRM) partner, hosting solution, recommendation and personalization engine and so on.