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Boost User Acquisition & Revenue Generation Strategies

With increasing competition in OTT / video business & ultra-shortening consumer attention spans, online video businesses need to figure out a robust multi-pronged user acquisition strategy along with a sustainable monetization plan that leverages user experience, effective communication and analytics to engage the consumer.

  • We will recommend strategies to help your digitally dependent business/brand bring in more users &make more money.
  • This includes optimization of use of your technology implementation & review of your business's technical and business challenges
  • Also, we will bring on board-brands/ agencies/ subscription management/distribution partners to turbo charge your monetization plans.
Turbo Charge Digital Content Strategies

A strong digital content strategy involves a good understanding of the consumer. Instead of rushing into the first few selections in having a digital presence or product, businesses should analyze where their consumers are and have a strong understanding of what they will expect when businesses pursue them.

  • We will help you with the positioning, rationale & measurement strategies for your digital content.
  • This will include user experience strategies & implementation to present digital content to your consumers in unique ways.
  • An analytics deep dive will be included to showcase how you can optimize your content strategies based on performance & engagement metrics. Insights from
Advertising Solutions

VPAID, Outstream, VMAP, Mid-Rolls, Pre-Rolls, Fill Rates, CPMs, DFP ...the Ad Tech world can be a complex world to navigate for content owners that rely on advertising supported revenue models. Well, with our Ad Health Check, you can be rest assured that your end customers will get the optimum viewing experience across devices!

  • We will help you with an extensive audit on your digital properties and how your video ads are playing across devices. Based on the findings we will recommend optimization strategies to fix any issues of ad playback across devices / browsers / operating systems Ad Insertion etc to bypass ad blockers. plugins/set-up/usage, viewability metrics and usage etc .
  • Recommendation & execution strategies of other technologies such as Server Side
  • Best Practices for DFP (or any other ad server) set-up, VPAID v/s VMAP, GA